15 Cupcake Toppers (mixed)


Our cupcake toppers are 2 inches big / 5.1cm, with 15 to a sheet. You’ve chosen ‘mixed design’ so you can have 15 different photos.

To add your images, please click or tap on each of the red circles below, making sure you’ve added all 15 images before you ‘Add to Basket’. Please note, each image should be around 1MB maximum. This will give a total topper size of 15MB when all images are added. Any bigger than this may cause upload issues. If you need to shrink your images a bit, you can do so at ImageOptimizer.net.

Please note, there will also be a small white margin around your topper as we can’t print right to the edge. Anything that overlaps into the blue ‘non-print’ area will NOT print.

We like to think our designer is pretty easy to use, however, if you need some help, please check out our ‘How to…’ section for videos and guides on making an awesome topper. If you really don’t want to do it yourself, we can do it for you for an extra couple of quid, find out more here.

10 in stock

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